About Us

World Hall of Fame (www.worldhall-of-fame.com) is a newly crafted digital place for opinion-based, crowdsourced ranking and voting on just about everything including but not limited to people, products, services, culture, entertainment, gaming, videos, music and companies etc. There are many websites for different Hall of Fames however; here we are planning to merge all these at one place.

At World Hall of Fame, we believe that “Your Opinion Matters”; we put the power in the hands of our viewers and audience to participate in different rankings on topics including sports, politics, products, brands and everything which matters. Using World Hall of Fame website, your votes on those topics become best rankings based on the "opinion of the crowd."

We at World Hall of Fame encourage to list items which are in Hall of Fame and this website is designed to cover famous aspects. It is not meant for downgrading one over the other but rather to vote, and rank the famous ones based on general public.

Every day we and our participants publish amazing lists packed with as many new interesting and intriguing facts as possible. We have a very hardworking and talented team with us and we strongly welcome professionals who want to write for wonders list.

We believe in to provide you the best information in the form of lists based on facts. But still there is always a room to improve. We encourage you suggestion or feedback. If you want to contribute to this venture, please email us at webmaster@worldhall-of-fame.com.